Results from Stockholm Royal Seaports sustainability work 2017

For the fifth consecutive year, Stockholm Royal Seaport compiles a sustainability report. By 2017, 425 homes were completed, and a total of more than 2500 homes have been completed. Seven preschools have opened in the last five years.

More results:

  • 3.9 kilometers of waterline becomes available to the public
  • The energy performance is on average 40% lower than applicable BBR
  • 100 percent of the apartments have access to parks and natural areas within 200 meters
  • 22 square meters of park per apartment
  • Green ceilings correspond to 2 football plans
  • 5,700 bicycle parking
  • 27,000 people have been on study visits
  • 8,240 people have increased knowledge and skills

For more information read the Sustainability Report