Stockholm Royal Seaport leads the way towards a green urban development

In an article for "World Economic Forum", mayor of Stockholm, Anna König Jerlmyr, shares her thoughts on the city’s approach for green urban development. As a notable example, she mentions Stockholm Royal Seaport as a testbed where new climate-smart ideas and methods are tried and tested with the ambition to inspire other cities, companies, and researchers.

As many other cities around the world Stockholm has been growing rapidly. This means the city needs to expand, but at the same time maintain a high quality and sustainable infrastructure. Stockholm is looking to lead the way as a global role model for this green transition. One way to achieve this is to offer testbeds for climate-smart ideas and methods. As a notable example of testbed for sustainable urban development Anna Köning Jerlmyr mentions Stockholm Royal Seaport:

– Stockholmers are put at the centre of the district's transformation. As a result of keeping locals involved throughout the process, we are hoping to bring about long-term and actual sustainable behavioural changes. By having a continuous dialogue with locals and also considering aspects such as feminist urban planning, we can make sure that both men and women feel included as our cities grow, comments the mayor of Stockholm Anna Köning Jerlmyr in the article.

She also highlights the importance to remember that public spaces are the core of urban life, since it is where unexpected encounters between people of different ages and backgrounds can take place. To create a vibrant city with different types of public spaces is one of the main pillars in the planning of Stockholm Royal Seaport.

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Foto: Jansin & Hammarling.