New innovation projects and a new website for sustainability work

At the StockholmRoyalSeaport2030 website you will find strategies, working methods and new innovation projects related to sustainability initiatives undertaken in Stockholm Royal Seaport. You can also view results for work done in 2021, with in-depth studies, films, knowledge seminars and much more.

– There's a lot going on at Stockholm Royal Seaport right now. At the StockholmRoyalSeaport2030 website you can read about energy efficient buildings, bulk materials handling at sea and our journey towards electrified construction sites. Three innovation projects were granted funding in the spring, says Christina Salmhofer, Sustainability Strategist for Stockholm Royal Seaport at the City Development Administration.

One of the projects involves further development of circular resources model REFLOW, to highlight the city's use of resources - the urban metabolism. The two other projects, "Transformative Capacity in Energy Food and Water" (TangoW) and "Norra Matgårdsstaden" explore opportunities for food cultivation from two perspectives.

For each stage of Stockholm Royal Seaport, requirements have been developed to achieve set sustainability goals. Much of what has been tested in the area has been adopted by other urban development projects and land allocations in Stockholm, such as requirements for energy, the Green Space Index, material selection and digitalisation. The year also saw the continued development of Gasverket and the opening of the Stockholm Transport Museum. Last year, one of the old brick buildings in Gasverket, which now houses Berghs School of Communication, was awarded Stockholm Master Builder's redevelopment prize.

StockholmRoyalSeaport2030 website