Participation and consultation

Dialogue led to many suggestions

In 2017, a consultation process for the development plan and an in-depth early dialogue took place, which garnered acceptance from local residents and businesses for the development of Vrtahamnen, and also helped to contribute valuable knowledge to the ongoing planning.

The dialogue took several forms: for the general public in regard to the areas public spaces in a digital dialogue and onsite open house, and for selected target groups. A workshop was held for business owners and an interview was conducted with girls aged 1218 about how they use outdoor environments in their free time.

The results show that good walking, cycling and public transport facilities are important for the area and that the interplay between these paths of travel must be safe and secure. Parks and squares shall be safe, well-lit and offer a wide range of activities for everyone, even when the weather is less than perfect. A dance floor, basketball court, climbing wall and ice rink were some of the suggestions.

Open House attracted many visitors

Stockholm Royal Seaport was one of the destinations during the Open House Stockholm architectural festival. In October, the City held 16 guided tours for Swedish and international visitors. Architectural firms CF Mller, Joliare, Vera arkitekter and Wingrdh Arkitektkontor arranged stations at each of their buildings and strong interest was shown by residents and architecture fans alike.

The Sustainable Kids Forum a meeting place for dialogue

The Sustainable Kids Forum is mainly intended for children and aims to realise the rights of children to express themselves as set out in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. During the year, the Sustainable Kids Forum arranged 12 activities with themes including climate-smart food, chemical-smart preschool and sustainable urban planning. The Sustainable Kids Forum concept has spread to other parts of the City as a meeting place for dialogue with children.

Activities become regular meeting places

In 2017, a clothing swap was arranged jointly with Folkkulturcentrum. About 200 people attended the event and swapped their clothing and accessories. About 150 garments changed owners during the evening. The Pop-up Re-use Centre visited Stockholm Royal Seaport twice during the year and a flea market was arranged.

Grocery store with a sustainability focus

At the beginning of the year, Coops green supermarket opened in Norra 2. The shop uses 100% green electricity from solar, wind and hydro sources. The building hosting the supermarket was built by Stockholmshem and holds SGBC Gold certification. The shop has energy efficient solutions with LED lighting and heat recovery from refrigerators and freezers. The product range includes a high proportion of ecological and KRAV-labelled goods.