Knowledge exchange and interest

Increasing employment

During the year, the project tested requiring employing people unlikely to find a job. The requirement encouraged two contractors to offer project employment, with the Citys support. One of the contractors subsequently offered probationary employment. The requirement has been included in all major contracting procurements since 2017, and has also applied for property developers since Sdra Vrtan.

Three buildings short-listed in the 2017 Stockholm Building Of The Year Award

The Stockholm Building Of The Year Award is an annual competition where Stockholmers vote for their favourite new buildings, parks and infrastructure facilities. In 2017, three buildings from Stockholm Royal Seaport were nominated: the Ferdinand preschool (property developer is Wallenstam with Vera arkitekter) and the multi-family buildings on Gryt hundsgatan, Husarviksgatan and Jaktgatan (Wallenstam, Vera arkitekter) and Husarviksgatan (Victor Hanson, JoliArk). Zenhusen (Erik Wallin, C.F. Mller Architects) were nominated for Architects Swedens housing award. Vrta Terminal (Ports of Stockholm, C.F. Mller Architects) was nominated for the Swedish Transport Administrations architecture award.

Knowledge is spreading

The ambitious requirements are contributing to the development of innovative tools and ways of working. Stockholm Royal Seaport monitors, analyses and evaluates these, thus contributing to new knowledge and to sharing this knowledge with other projects, both within the City and with other municipalities.

The Green Space Index for property level and public open space, the mobility index, sustainability management with an action plan and monitoring, Sustainability Reports, the Pop-up Re-use Centre and the Construction Consolidation Centre are examples of features that attract strong interest both in Sweden and internationally. The urban development project is also active on social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Since 2017, other urban development projects run by the City of Stockholm have also adopted some elements of the Stockholm Royal Seaport Model, such as sets of requirements, requirement specifications and capacity development programmes.

International collaboration

In 2017, Stockholm Royal Seaport became an official member of the Climate Positive Development Programme (CPDP), under C40s Urban Planning & Development Initiative. The CPDP prescribes a framework for developing strategies for becoming a climate-positive urban district. The roadmap development process has been instructive, since it has created an understanding and knowledge of choices based on a climate-positive perspective during operation.

International insights

The projects representatives have been invited to share their knowledge and best practices at various conferences. In Hamburg and Vienna, the focus was on energy planning. A roadmap for a climate-positive urban district was presented at the Ecocity World Summit and in Melbourne. MACRO was presented in Gothenburg and at World Water Week in Stockholm. Stockholm Royal Seaport has also been presented on various visits to Gothenburg, Belfast and St Petersburg, and at international trade fairs in Munich and Barcelona.