External involvement

Reflow is a visualisation tool to show the city’s ecosystems, with Stockholm Royal Seaport as starting point. Reflow is available both as an exhibit and online at reflow. stockholm.se Image: City of Stockholm

New conditions and new knowledge are constantly being generated in the project as well as in the outside world. Starting points for the area's development is to learn from past experiences, generating new knowledge, plan and build the next-generation sustainable districts. The goal is that Stockholm Royal Seaport should be an obvious place to try new innovative ways of working, methods and solutions. A large amount of visits from all over the world come to the district to learn more about sustainable urban development.

Finding new methods and ways of working

Some key figures

  • The project received


    visitors from 67 countries.

  • Since 2010


    visitors have been received.

  • Royal Seaport had


    followers on Stockholm Royal Seaport’s Facebook page during 2016.

  • Seven newsletters were sent to



Sustainable urban development