Environmental quality

Illustration: Andersson-Jönsson Landskapsarkitekter AB

A distinctive environmental feature of the Hagastaden project is that centrally located and underutilised land will be developed for housing and business premises. To maximise the area available for housing, a segment of the E4/E20 motorway, nearly one kilometre long, will run through tunnels, and most of the buildings will be built overlying the tunnel roof. The tunnels will help to alleviate noise and pollution from vehicle traffic. Most of the developers will have their buildings environmentally certified, which means that strict environmental requirements must be met. The office building at Torsplan 2 in Hagastaden is the first building in Sweden to score the highest BREEAM certification rating, ‘Outstanding’.

Environmental quality will be enhanced, as bicycle and pedestrian traffic will be easily accommodated, and the area will have immediate access to a well-developed local transit system with buses, subways and the Citybanan, the commuter train to the greater Stockholm region and the international airport Arlanda. Another key environmental benefit is the way in which the area will improve access, not only to different city districts, but also to the unique green zones and natural parkland areas of Stockholm and Solna.