Parks and green spaces in Hagastaden and vicinity

Visionsbild: Andersson Jönsson Landskapsarkitekter AB
Visionsbild: Andersson Jönsson Landskapsarkitekter AB

A park will be built in the middle of Hagastaden starting in 2021. Running through the northern part of the inner city, the oblong, hourglass-shaped park will border Torsplan and Hagaplan on the west side and extend to Norrtull to the east. Norra Stationsparken will form an open, green corridor between Stockholm and Solna, and the park will be framed on the north and south sides by residential quarters with shops, restaurants and other amenities at ground level. Norra Stationsparken will be intersected in a north-south direction by an avenue of parkland that follows Hälsingegatan northward into Solna. From Norra Stationsparken eastward, a pedestrian and bicycle bridge crossing Uppsalavägen will allow convenient access to Brunnsviken from Hagaparken.

The old customs buildings and their adjacent park at Norrtull will be highlighted in the new plan and form a cultural-heritage gateway to both nature and the urban centre, depending on the approach. In the eastern part of the area, passing Wenner-Gren Center, access to Bellevueparken will also be improved. There will also be a distinctive green link between Hagaparken and Karlbergsparken.