Hagastaden – a Science City for Life and Health

Illustration: CF Moeller

In 2030 Hagastaden is one of the world's leading centres for life science.

Life science

Hagastaden is emerging in both Stockholm and Solna, and will be integrated with the New Karolinska Solna University Hospital, opened in 2016. The hospital will be a centre of excellence for the Swedish and European health-care systems, providing highly specialized care and top-quality research and education.

The place where Solna and Stockholm meet is already today a strong centre where academic knowledge, industry and healthcare providers cooperate to contribute to improve health and life quality. The area includes the world leading education and research institutions Karolinska Institutet and Karolinska University Hospital. Until 2030, several players will create one of the world's leading areas for life science.

Life science covers studies on people, animals and nature and comprises a series of different subjects such as biology, mathematics, chemistry and medicine. The knowledge is created by the cooperation between these traditional subjects as well as with physics and technology, not only from academic research but also from the industry world.

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