Digital information in English

360-view Fållan.
The picture shows a part of the park Fållan, one of five different views you can see in 360-angle.

Discover the Meat packing district in various digital media


Here you can go around in six different 360-streetviews in the new Stockholm´s meatpacking district.

Try the 360-view here.


In the digital 3D-modell of Stockholm´s meatpacking district, you can see what I planned, for example new building, streets, parks and new subway entrances. You will also find existing buildings that will be preserved side by side with the new ones.

Look at the 3D-model here.

Live camera

The live camera takes ongoing pictures. We also use the pictures afterwards to do so called "time laps" to show the development.

Look at camera one here (view over the whole area) 

Look at camera two here (zoomed view).