Accessibility report vä

The City of Stockholm is responsible for the website Our goal is that as many as possible will be able to use it.

On this page we give information about

  • how the website lives up to the law of accessibility to digital public service
  • any known problems concerning accessibility
  • how you can report any problems or flaws so that we can correct or adjust them.

What to do if you cannot use parts of the website

If you need access to information for the website in any other format than what is provided you can contact us for assistance.

The normal response time is two working days.

Reporting faults or lack of website accessibility

We are constantly improving the website. Below we will list accessibility issues and shortcomings that we are working to improve. Please let us know if you find more issues, or if you think we do not meet the requirements of the law. It makes it easier for us to apply corrections and adapt accessibility going forward.


The agency for digital government (Digg) has the supervisory responsibility to make sure the law of accessibility of digital public service is upheld. If you are not satisfied with the way we handle your complaints, you can contact the supervisory agency to make your complaints heard.

Webbplatsens tillgänglighet

The website vä is partially compatible with level AA in the standard Web Content Accessibility Guidelines version 2.1. The information and content which is not available is listed below.

Lack of compliance with legal requirements

Use without vision or use with impaired vision

  • If parts of a web page’s content are in a language other than that specified for the page, a screen reader cannot read this content with the correct pronunciation. WCAG (AA).
  • Films lack sight translation.

The flaws are planed to be corrected spring 2024.

Some documents have the following shortcomings:

  • Document lacks a title which describes its subject or purpose. WCAG (A).
  • Content-bearing images lack text alternatives that convey the same information as the image in the current context. WCAG (A).
  • Documents do not use tagged format or use tags incorrectly WCAG (A).
  • Content does not come in a meaningful order. WCAG (A).
  • Images depicting text which is used to convey content. WCAG (AA).
  • The machine-readable name of a component in fillable fields is not the same as the visible text of the component. WCAG (A).
  • Some checkboxes in fillable fields do not have a machine-readable name. WCAG (A).

We work continuously to present as much content as possible on web pages instead of in documents.

Unreasonably burdensome adaptation and accommodation

The City of Stockholm invoke exceptions for unreasonably burdensome adaptation and accommodation according to 12 § the law of accessibility to digital public service, concerning documents in the following areas:

  • The city’s annual budget
  • Statistics
  • Plans dealing with parks
  • User surveys
  • Polls and questionnaire surveys
  • The safety poll – experienced security and wellbeing
  • Consent forms for direct debit

To adapt and customize these documents requires substantial effort. Each document is only downloaded a few times. Therefore, we have concluded that the cost of adapting these documents is not proportional to the usage. We are continuously working to find ways to present the content of the website in a better more accessible way than is possible in today’s format.

This is how we tested the website

An independent review of the website has been carried out by an external specialist in accessibility adaptation. The review was made on the 5th of december 2018.

We are continuously making self-assessments with the support from our web provider.

The latest assessment was made on the 8th of March 2022.