The Stockholm Room

Welcome to the Stockholm Room. This is a place dedicated to urban development and to how and why the city is growing. We are located on the ground floor of Kulturhuset, the Stockholm Culture House, with entrance from Sergels torg under the fountain.

Experience the developing city

The large model of the city is the heart of the Stockholm Room. On it you can see both current and planned developments. All houses on the model that are in colour exist today and all the houses that are white are planned for the future. The houses are 3D printed and hand-painted, and the model is covered by a glass floor that you are welcome to walk on.

The 3D tables hold 3D maps of the entire city of Stockholm. You can either fly high above the city or zoom all the way down to street level. Information about urban development projects and infrastructure is available on the map. You can also see 3D models of large projects like Slussen.

You can learn more about what it takes to build a city in our different exhibitions about urban development. We will tell you about the general City Plan, about the city planning process and about some of the current large-scale urban development sites.

If you have questions about a specific project or about urban development in Stockholm in general, our able staff is available to answer your questions.

Opening hours

Monday-Friday: 10.00–19.00
Saturday-Sunday: 11.00–16.00


We have two entrances to the room, both without thresholds. The level differences are accessible by both ramp and stairs. Chairs can be borrowed if needed and our staff is always on site.


The Stockholm Room is located in Kulturhuset, the Stockholm Culture House, on the ground floor with entrance from Sergels torg. The address is Sergelgången 31.

Phone: +46-8-508 266 30