Stockholm Royal Seaport

Stockholm Royal Seaport is the largest urban development area in Sweden, with plans for at least 12,000 new homes and 35,000 workplaces.

Stockholm Royal Seaport shows the way towards a sustainable future

Stockholm Royal Seaport is a sustainability-profiled area designated by the Stockholm City Council with the task of testing and developing new solutions and processes for a more sustainable future.

Former industrial land is being transformed into a green and vibrant part of Stockholm. This is where we publish progress updates on our sustainability initiatives and our various innovation projects.The mission is defined by Programme for Sustainable Urban Development revised in 2021.

Stockholm Royal Seaport, one of Europe's largest urban development areas, aims to build 12,000 new homes and 35,000 workplaces. The area is being transformed into a sustainable urban district with schools, preschools, parks. The goal is to become fossil fuel-free by 2030, contributing to Stockholm's ambition to be fossil-free and climate-positive by 2040.

On our external website you can follow our sustainability journey closely. You can see how the requirements are being met, and the various innovation projects are explained in more detail.


  • Construction start: 2011
  • Size: 236 hectares
  • Total investment: € 2,2 billion (Land owned by the City of Stockholm)
  • Public transports: Metro, biogas and electro hybrid buses, and commuter boat
  • Municipal art: 1% of the investments is committed to art


Please note that changes might occur over time and that the timeline will be revised throughout ongoing projects.

2011 Building works starts on the first 670 dwellings in the north western district of Hjorthagen.

2012 The first new residents move into the north western district of Hjorthagen. 

2015 Construction starts in the Gasverket area.

2016 Opening of the new passenger terminal at the Värtapiren pier.

2019 Construction completed of the school, preschool and the sports hall - Hjorthagshallen, in the Gasverket area. 

2020 The dismantling of oil management at Loudden begins.

2022 The new bridge, Lilla Lidingöbron, opens for pedestrian and bicycle traffic. Construction of Södra Värtahamnen's first phase commences. Spårvägsmuseet (The Tramway Museum) opens in the Gasverket area.

2027 Construction starts for Valparaiso in Värtahamnen.

2029 Construction starts for Kolkajen in Hjorthagen.

2030+ Stockholm Royal Seaport will be completed with at least 12,000 new homes, 35,000 new jobs, preschools, schools, sports and culture, from Hjorthagen to Loudden.

A more in-depth timeline is available on our external sustainability reporting website. 



A hub of innovation

Stockholm Royal Seaport is a testbed where new ideas, methods, and approaches are developed and tested to inspire other cities and municipalities, researchers, companies, and organisations to think in new ways about sustainable urban planning. Here we present several innovation projects ongoing and terminated.


Winner of the Swedish Landscape Architecture Award. The area received the 2019 Swedish Landscape Architecture Award, partly in thanks to the project creating space for vegetation which provides both a sensory experience, and also a buffer against climate change. According to the jury, the area between Jaktgatan and Lövängsgatan is a great example of how dense and green cities can look in practice.

Prize for best sustainable urban development. In competition with other urban development projects around the world, Stockholm and Stockholm Royal Seaport received an award for best sustainable urban development project in the category Sustainable Communities. The award was presented at the UN Climate Change Conference in Paris 2015 by the C40 Cities Climate Leadership Group, a network connecting more than 80 of the world’s megacities. The award is proof that Stockholm is an international leader in sustainable urban development.

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